Sunday, September 27, 2009

Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr. David Jeremiah

In a world that is constantly changing in the blink of an eye, what does one do to maintain that calm cool outlook on life that once was so easy to attain? In David Jeremiah’s Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World, the chaos of the world is examined as David gives the readers biblical, sound advice and guidance, on living in the chaos we are now surrounded by.
It’s fairly easy to see and know that chaos is everywhere these days. All it takes is a flip of the channels on TV, or to pick up a newspaper, or even scan the internet. Wars are raged daily, marriages are failing, people are losing their lives, homes, and everything they have known. And sometimes it seems it would be easier to be an ostrich and stick our heads in the sand, however that is not our call from God. Jeremiah breaks down these instructions and their biblical base in a long list of things we should do to live with confidence. It’s all about staying calm; compassionate. . .the list goes on. I finished this book feeling empowered and uplifted. It was a great reminder of God’s will for our lives and His instructions for us during these challenging and chaotic times. Whether you are searching for answers or struggling with your own chaos like me, this is a great read at any point in your life.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Called To Worship

Vernon Whaley’s Called to Worship should be studied and used by anyone considering the current state of their worship. This book was a refreshing call back to the scriptures, taking the reader from beginning to end and reliving worship in its different forms. I was prepared, upon first glance, for a textbook reading and I was not looking forward to it-but I was very wrong. This book was an easy flowing read, which kept me questioning, thinking, and pondering everything I do regarding worship. I was drawn in immediately by Whaley’s dissection of what we call worship. Whaley’s references and biblical examples seek to remind us that worship isn’t merely a place or a time, or even a certain chain of events. Worship isn’t hymns or praise medleys.

In so many hearts today worship has turned more to a thing-an event, something we do, often half-heartedly and with the wrong attitude. We expect to go someplace and have our needs be met and when we don’t like it, we expect it to be changed-because that’s what we want. This book shares valuable insight, to worship at the beginning and the many forms it has taken biblically. We have to come back to worship and make it God centered-just as it is from Genesis to Revelations. Whaley takes worship and its biblical foundation and reminds us that we have to do more than go or be.