Saturday, November 22, 2008


Friday, December 19 @ 3:45 pm

That's the big day!
Hopefully an end to what has ended up being a crazy ride :)
We will drive down on 12/18, have pre-op the morning of surgery and surgery is scheduled to begin at 3:45 pm. I will be in the hospital through Sunday for sure and then as long as I am healing well, I will be allowed to go home.
They will take out a little less than 1/2 of my liver through a bikini hole and will use the other holes from gallbladder surgery for instruments, etc.
They are still very encouraged that things look good, that it is by their knowledge completely benign, but we will know more and get a 100% when they take it out.
Thank you for your prayers! I am nervous about being in Charleston, getting home, and everything being so close to Christmas.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Post-Surgery Update

It has been a week, since I came home from gallbladder/biopsy surgery. We met with the surgeon that preformed this and he says everything looks to be healing well. Dr. Srinivasan feels that there is a very good likelyhood that this mass is benign. He says because of some of the characteristics, they are unable to be 100% sure until they actually remove it. Dr. Srinivasan has spoken several times with Dr. Chavin at MUSC, and assures us that this is the best route to take. He has even said that if it were his wife or daughter that this is what he would want to do and even the surgeon he would want to use!

Our appointment at MUSC is @ 8:45 am on Friday. My Grandma and Grandpa Wall live in Charleston, so we will be staying with them. We will come home Saturday, because Isaac will turn 4 on Monday :) So, we have to have a Bday party on Sunday after church.

I still have no appetite, which isn't a problem, b/c I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I'm having to make myself eat so I will have energy-really not fun.

Still a little sore and tired-and this has been one crazy week, work, doctor, etc. I haven't even finished packing :)

Thank You for your prayers and encouragement this week. I feel God's touch in so many ways right now, but continue to struggle this week. I know it is the combination of everything, it's all a little overwhelming, but I'm ready to feel good again :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My amazing Mom and Dad kept Isaac for the night!! So not only did I get out of bedtime, I also don't have to worry about tugging and pulling this morning. Isn't God good??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, I worked both yesterday and today. Yesterday wasn't bad, but I think afterschool I over did it and so today I felt sick all day. Then, I had class this afternoon, so now at 7:00pm am just getting home and settled-I have a feeling I will fall into bed in the next hour, if not sooner!!

Thank you so much for your prayers, concern, and encouragement! What a blessing to pull up my blog and have friends sharing verses and prayers-you continue to touch my heart.

Isaac and I had a tough morning-gettting dressed, out of bed, in the car etc. is difficult when mommy can't just pick you up!! So I pulled, tugged, and pushed, probably way more than I should have, b/c I have been sore all day. But, I got to school and got to pray with the most special group of ladies. It is such a blessing to work with these Godly women, to pray with them, for them, and to be able to turn to them in times like these. I left feeling truly uplifted, just from being with them for a few minutes.

Tomorrow-I am going to cover my child in prayer. This is such a tough time for him too! And this morning I was far from the Mom I aim to be, just trying to get him moving and going-when I am usually able to pick him, hold him, carry him to get dressed, and then carry him to the car. It's a big adjustment-not an easy thing for an almost 4year old to do-adjust!

So my friends and prayer warriors-today I pray for Isaac.

Thank you Lord for the blessing Isaac is to our home and our lives. We are reminded daily of what a gift he truly is and praise you for what you have done in our lives through his little life. I pray that you would give Isaac peace, and that simple childlike understanding of this situation. Let him feel your presence here in our house and with us as we travel. Most of all God, help us to guide him to a greater understanding of you. May our words, and actions exude you. Be with Isaac as he struggles with mornings, and a Mommy that can't do all she use to do. God, most of all, don't let all these other things take over, but mold and help us to remember how you are not only in control, but right here with us. May we feel your presence and know that you are the perfect loving Father.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The yicks

I've been thinking alot tonight about planning. It has become the running joke among Russell and I that we can't plan any further ahead than the next doctors appointment. That is really how we have been living our lives the last 3 1/2 weeks. A big change from being slaves to the calendar, the next work day, meeting, class, etc. We all know GOD is in control. We say it all the time. I've and many others have repeated it over and over the last few weeks. HE is always in control, but sometimes, as we fill in our calendar blocks and plan out months of our lives at a time we forget that. We forget that only HE knows what the next days hold for us. These last few weeks have been a startling reminder of that for me. It hasn't mattered what my plans were, they were and will be useless. I have to go and do what God already had laid out for me. And I've tried. I've really tried to seek his face and maintain an attitude that would bring him glory. My friends have encouraged me, told me how good I'm doing, lifted me up in prayer, brought me food, and all the other things great friends do when you really need them. But, sometimes, even when you know GOD is in control, that he has you in his hands, it doesn't make it any easier. And today is one of those days.

I'm tired of being brave, of reassuring everyone that it's all going to be okay, when I really don't know that. I'm tired of hurting, of missing work, of not being able to play with Isaac. I'm sick of waiting rooms, hospitals, and doctor's offices, long drives, long waits, and long appointments. I'm tired of xrays, needles, and the need for endless tests.

This time last month, we working on Isaac's swing set, enjoying being outside together.

And now, I sit here in tears, pouring my heart out on my crazy blog.
The one thing I have been able to do through all of this is to put off the what if's. And now, they are popping up. And it's just too much.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The next step . . .

The next step . . .

We will be seeing Dr. Kenneth Chavin @ MUSC in Charleston on Friday, November 21 at 8:45 am. This will be for a consultation. While there we will schedule surgery #2. The plan is for laproscopic liver surgery to remove the mass on my liver. There are still no results from the biopsy, but both Dr. Chavin and Dr. Srinivasan agree that no matter what the results are, the mass should be removed.

The more I process this, the more anxious I grow. But I know without a shadow of a doubt God is in control. Our prayer is that this mass is benign, that they will take it out, and God will have all the glory. We know that the results are in his hands, and I am struggling to remember this as I deal with the realities that this entails.

Good Morning

Wow! It's amazing what a good nights sleep in my own bed will do!! I'm still a little tender, but I feel great compared to yesterday!! God is soo good. I still don't have much of an appetite, I haven't been hungry at all. But thanks to a sore throat, I've been able to drink a ton and stay hydrated. Russell slept with Isaac in his bed last night so I could have our bed to myself. I surrounded myself with pillows and had a great night. I woke up a few times. But it was much less interrupted then Wednesday at the hospital. We are hoping to hear biopsy results today so that we can move forward, I will post when we hear anything.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home again, Home again

After one really long day and night we are home!!

Here's an update:

-They ended up doing surgery about 2 hours earlier than planned.
-Dr. Srinivasan was able to do the liver biopsy after he finished my gallbladder.
-I have 4 boo-boos, covered with bandaids and closed up by stitches.
-My abdomen is so swollen I could be 12 months pregnant.
-I spent the night, because they had a hard time getting my pain under control.
-I feel like someone has been digging around inside with one of my ribs-really.
-I'm home :)

Thank you for your prayers, phone calls, etc. I am still really sore and just trying to move around. I must return to the couch.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Update

1. Surgery is set to begin at 5:30 pm tomorrow @SRHS
2. Surgery will include gallbladder removal and a liver biopsy
3. There is a 50% chance I will spend the night and 50% chance I will come home.
4. We have to be at the hospital at 3:00 pm.
5. My Mom will pick Isaac up from school and keep him.
6. I can't eat after midnight or drink after 6am, going to be a long time till 3:00 pm

I'm sure you all are taking this as certifiable proof that I am loony, however putting it all out there in list form really helps me to grasp it, and make sure we have our bases covered.

At present I have been dashing around completing different crazy tasks that I thought I would still have time to get done. I really want the house to be as clean and orderly as possible-and if you know me, you know I struggle with clean and orderly, unless we are having company. So far the kitchen, dining room and blue bathroom are good. Still have to work on Isaac's room and our room and then make a den sweep.

As you pray, pray for peace tonight as we prepare, pray for strength, knowledge for the surgeon, and most of all God's hand in all this :) We covet your prayers through this journey!

I will try to have a blogging stand in tomorrow, so check for updates

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I did not drag out my Christmas trees from the attic last night even though my husband thinks it is completely against the rules to do this until after Thanksgiving.

I did not blog while my child ran around in his birthday suit instead of putting his pajamas on.

I did not spell dessert with only 1 s, therefore telling my family to each bring a desert to Christmas dinner.

I also did not send the letters anyway, knowing that if my mother didn't notice, neither will anyone else.

And I most certainly did not spend the last few days ordering list after list of things from vistaprint.

I also didn't wrap all my presents, put bows on them, and stack them on the couch.

I am not about to put the gifts under the tree either :)

Dr. Srinivasan

Whew-Step by step, and day by day God is seeing us through this. Today we met with Dr. Srinivasan, the surgeon we were referred to by Dr. Mossburg my GI. He ordered an MRI, which by God's grace, we were able to get completed today!! We will have results of that tomorrow and may know a little more.

As of now we know:

A-the gall bladder is coming out.
B-they may or may not biopsy the liver at the same time.
C-I will most probably be going to MUSC for a surgeon there to remove the mass, unless it turns out to be just a mass of blood vessels, which they do NOT think it is
D-we will wait more and trust in GOD

I've said all along that this is in God's hands and that we would not have found the mass if it had not needed to come out so I truly feel that we are on the right track. When the doctor told us today that he thought we would be better off at MUSC, I almost had a panic attack-but I had to remind myself, what capable hands I would be in if I do go there and that God will open and close doors as needed, and this just might be a door he has opened for a very important reason.

So, as once again we wait for answers, orders, and our next step, our prayers remain simple. That we would continue to seek his guidance and peace and that we would continue to be led to carrying and knowledgable physicians. Overall, I am most in awe of the amazing doctors we have intertwined our way to-God is so amazing.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Photo Disaster

First, I get no smiles

Then I get, my personal favorite, eyes closed and tongue out.

And finally, tears and screaming!

This is what happens when you try to "plan" a nice family picture for Christmas cards with a 3 year old. Needless to say I don't have a picture to use. So, it will either be a picture of just Isaac, or we may give it one more shot, the jury is still out.

My Sweet Boy

Fall is my FAVORITE picture time! The air is crisp, the light is great, and the trees and ground are great backdrops!! Isaac and I have had a lot of fun taking pictures and playing :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


We got a phone call yesterday and now have an appointment with Dr. Srinivasan on Monday. This was a lot quicker then expected and we are glad to have one more thing fall into place with God's help. Dr. Srinivasan has a great reputation and is an expert in laproscopic procedures. There is still the chance of other tests being ordered. According to Dr. Mossburg, the only things I haven't been through at this point are an MRI and just regular Xrays. So, there is a very good chance that before Dr. Srinivasan makes a decision regarding surgery, he will send us for these tests. That's okay though-We want to go into this with the doctors being armed with as much information as possible, and if that means me going through more x-rays, etc., then we are willing to do it. If I had to pick a perfect surgery date it would be 11/21, because I would get 10 days in a row to reccupperate and only have to take 3 off and it would still be 6 days b/f Thanksgiving, so by then I should be feeling better. But, we all know picking the perfect date is impossible and that God already has all of that planned and in his control.

Sooooo, as we go Monday, I simply pray for grace in accepting what our Maker has paved the way for and remembering that through it all HE is in control.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Update

Sorry for the delay in updates this week-it's been a busy one!

I went to Dr.Mossburg, my GI, today. The liverscan didn't reveal anything significant to help them feel certain about anything. This is good and bad. They didn't look at it and think bad things, but they also couldn't be certain that it is benign. Soooo as always we are on to our next step.

The next step:

I am awaiting a phone call from either Dr. Mossburg's office or the surgeon's office. I will go for a consultation with the surgeon and then they will make the decision on how to proceed with biopsy, gallbladder, etc.

I must say that God has really gotten me through the last 2 weeks, but the more this drags on, the harder it gets to stay call and have peace. I don't want to be out of comission another holiday season and as we go from step to step we get increasingly closer to the Isaac's bday, thanksgiving, Christmas, santa's workshop-the list just goes on and on. So, I am really working on being ahead of the game, getting done what I can get done, and getting my house in order. I even thought I might try to do some ahead of the game cooking this weekend and freeze it for Thanksgiving or even do holiday baking. Who knows!

Prayer-Thank you for your continued prayers for us during this time! I have been so touched by the friends, coworkers, church family, and others, who have lifted us up to our Lord. We have truly been in God's hand through this. I know we are where we are because of HIS almighty plan and I hope I can carry out what he wants me to do! Pray that we are guided to a skilled surgeon who will be able to complete both procedures, that we will get appointments quickly, but that we will remember we are on GOD'S time, not our own. And most of all that we continue to seek his will in this and all situations :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Holiday Must-Freebies

If you have never tried VistaPrint, now is the time! They have great deals and lots of freebies. I just finished an order of 11 different items, my total b/f discounts was $212, but with the freebies and free shipping, I only spent $12.00. I got a personalized tshirt,hat, calendar, postcards, magnets, pen, the list goes on and on!! Go to VistaPrint and check it out! Side note, after trial and error, it will only let you get 10 free things at a time :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not tied up yet . . .

I never did have a chance to tie bows today, but I did shoot a few pics of the bounty!! FYI: If you haven't bought wrapping paper yet, you have to go to your local Costco or even Sams. I got this reversible 400 sq. ft. roll for (drum roll please) $8.99!! I was so thrilled!! Their ribbon is also $6.99 for 50 sq ft. and is wired-anyone can make a great bow with wired ribbon. My advice-go to costco and buy your paper and ribbon, by the time you buy all you need at someplace else you will have spent at least that much!! I would have only spent $16, but I splurged and got 2 rolls of ribbon, a pretty sheer green with red glitter and solid white with flocked snowflakes!! I plan to use some of both on my trees as well!

I did, Did you??

All Wrapped Up

I can't believe what I've done. You won't believe it either. Well, some of you will, because you know I like to get ahead of the game. I had already gotten my lists together, found my cards, bought my wrapping materials. But this year I was one step ahead of the game. I have spent most of the year scouring sales and searching for perfect gifts. So when I lugged all the bags and boxes out of our Guest bedroom I made an amazing discovery-I had gifts for EVERYONE on my list! Then last week Russell and I had some time together so minus one item we need to get we have finished Isaac shopping.

Then, last night after I cleaned the dining room, living room, playroom, kitchen, and Isaac's room, we ate supper and I moved on. I sat in the living room at the coffee table and got every one of the presents wrapped (not Isaac's). Now they sit waiting to be adorned with fun bows, that will be my task today after we vote. I have to post a picture. I am so glad to get over this hump!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Update

Well, I got to work yesterday! It was great to be with my students, I have missed them this week!!

I did get to speak to the nurse at my GI's office yesterday, here's what I got:

1.NO results from liver scan yet, it could be Tuesday before we hear.
2.I asked for them to go ahead and line up a consult with a surgeon, and they will wait until they get the liver scan results.
3. My bloodwork is back. Blood cell counts were great, but the enzymes for liver function were off.
4. I see Dr. Mossburg again Thursday at 3:30 pm.(This is giving them time to read and study the liver scan)

Friday morning I had another gallbladder attack. I've been given something to help with the pain, but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Looking back it might have taken some of the edge off, but not much. So, I'm really hoping that they will move quickly to take this gallbladder out.

I'm looking forward to the next 2 days at home with my boys :)

Trick-or-Treating with Friends

Getting Ready Fun