Monday, November 10, 2008

Dr. Srinivasan

Whew-Step by step, and day by day God is seeing us through this. Today we met with Dr. Srinivasan, the surgeon we were referred to by Dr. Mossburg my GI. He ordered an MRI, which by God's grace, we were able to get completed today!! We will have results of that tomorrow and may know a little more.

As of now we know:

A-the gall bladder is coming out.
B-they may or may not biopsy the liver at the same time.
C-I will most probably be going to MUSC for a surgeon there to remove the mass, unless it turns out to be just a mass of blood vessels, which they do NOT think it is
D-we will wait more and trust in GOD

I've said all along that this is in God's hands and that we would not have found the mass if it had not needed to come out so I truly feel that we are on the right track. When the doctor told us today that he thought we would be better off at MUSC, I almost had a panic attack-but I had to remind myself, what capable hands I would be in if I do go there and that God will open and close doors as needed, and this just might be a door he has opened for a very important reason.

So, as once again we wait for answers, orders, and our next step, our prayers remain simple. That we would continue to seek his guidance and peace and that we would continue to be led to carrying and knowledgable physicians. Overall, I am most in awe of the amazing doctors we have intertwined our way to-God is so amazing.

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Jodi said...

just keep taking those steps - God has an amazing plan - of that we can be sure!