Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craft-tastic: Easy table-runner and centerpiece for SUMMER

My first tutorial----a table runner in 50 easy steps....

You need:

(true story: I was buying some fabric at a local thrift store, the lady said that the fabric would be perfect once it was ironed, then looked back at me and said--I quote "you probably don't know what that is honey, an iron--" REALLY?? so this is proof--I've got one and I know how to mis-treat it!!)

Nothing better than a good pair of scissors--I keep mine hidden, sometimes from myself-- :)


Just had to take a pic for proof that I really got for a quarter--can you say AWESOME thrifting :)

Fabric in Bright colors---These were 2 for a quarter---GIDDY!!

or you could just go to the bucket of fabric already ready to be ironed on--

Oh wait--you don't have that bucket in your Craft Closet???

Then you'll need some no-sew iron on magic :)

(Unless you sew, in which case---this tutorial is not for you)

Now--have you got everything??

Is the iron hot??

Did you put a towel under the burlap so the table doesn't get burnt?


Iron the burlap--

Cut some leaves---no---there is no template--I'm sure you could google, bing, or yahoo one, but I just cut a leaf out--Remember-The NESTER says"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" and I LOVE embracing that---it's just a leaf-they're not perfect---So just cut out a bunch--

If you have a random stash of pre-prepped fabric that is just itchy to be ironed on, then skip this step other wise you've got to cut small pieces of fabric fusing to use to attach the leaves

Then randomly arrange your leaves

Oh-wait, hurry move that one, one more time...
And then iron away...

Not sure if you can see this , but I frayed both of the long edges, because I like a "messy" look--please don't feel obligated to follow suite

And then you have to have something just a fun and full of "whimsy" to go in the middle

So just go the craft closet, get out a letter and smack some fabric leaves on it with some spray adhesive!! I followed with some matte-clear spray paint for good measure--and popped it in here:

This is my $2 pedastal bowl--painted the bowl and funky wooden thing, and glued them together:

Oh wait----just add a few more leaves----

Gotta love a fun, easy, thrifty craft :)


PS---Started with this as a centerpiece, worked and worked, but it was tooo FUSSY and Not FULL of WHIMSY--so it found another home-because it is a little fun--

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Road Trip!

In February I was Thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the SCIRA conference in Myrtle Beach, SC with our school leaders. While we didn't bring home the award we were hoping for, we did receive runner-up and are already gearing up for next year.

We borrowed Benson Bear from Mrs. Brock's K5 class-he was eager for adventure, however, I think he got a little bit more than he bargained for!!

A cotton field full of cats, an emergency brake, a few spilled drinks...

a cage fighter...

I met a REAL-LIVE Cage fighter!! How exciting is that??

It's the little things in life folks...like meeting cage fighters-who don't mind crazy bear-toting-picture taking teachers!! Benson and I were very happy for the photo-op!
(Even though Jenny and Erika wouldn't let Benson and I go to a fight)

And a trip to the beach!

I am so thankful to work with women who love God, their families, and their jobs! We had great fun and made lots of memories :)

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Are Family!

Disclaimer: No children were harmed or killed in the taking of this picture-FYI-he did this silly fall on the ground pose when we told him we were finish and they caught in on camera and added the body line-too funny!

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