Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, I worked both yesterday and today. Yesterday wasn't bad, but I think afterschool I over did it and so today I felt sick all day. Then, I had class this afternoon, so now at 7:00pm am just getting home and settled-I have a feeling I will fall into bed in the next hour, if not sooner!!

Thank you so much for your prayers, concern, and encouragement! What a blessing to pull up my blog and have friends sharing verses and prayers-you continue to touch my heart.

Isaac and I had a tough morning-gettting dressed, out of bed, in the car etc. is difficult when mommy can't just pick you up!! So I pulled, tugged, and pushed, probably way more than I should have, b/c I have been sore all day. But, I got to school and got to pray with the most special group of ladies. It is such a blessing to work with these Godly women, to pray with them, for them, and to be able to turn to them in times like these. I left feeling truly uplifted, just from being with them for a few minutes.

Tomorrow-I am going to cover my child in prayer. This is such a tough time for him too! And this morning I was far from the Mom I aim to be, just trying to get him moving and going-when I am usually able to pick him, hold him, carry him to get dressed, and then carry him to the car. It's a big adjustment-not an easy thing for an almost 4year old to do-adjust!

So my friends and prayer warriors-today I pray for Isaac.

Thank you Lord for the blessing Isaac is to our home and our lives. We are reminded daily of what a gift he truly is and praise you for what you have done in our lives through his little life. I pray that you would give Isaac peace, and that simple childlike understanding of this situation. Let him feel your presence here in our house and with us as we travel. Most of all God, help us to guide him to a greater understanding of you. May our words, and actions exude you. Be with Isaac as he struggles with mornings, and a Mommy that can't do all she use to do. God, most of all, don't let all these other things take over, but mold and help us to remember how you are not only in control, but right here with us. May we feel your presence and know that you are the perfect loving Father.

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Carin Scates said...

Dawn I will pray hard for your little man. And I will continune to pray for you and Russlle. May the Lord be with you throught it all.