Monday, August 3, 2009

Do you know. . . ??

How rude people that get PAID to help can be???? In the current economy one would think the objective would be to do everything within one's power to maintain and keep said job-but after my experiences today I would think NOT. In an attempt to get as much done b/f school starts, my assistant and I began donating our time to the great state of SC today. We got furniture in place in the classroom and headed out to purchase our long list of needed items. Store 1-Sam's-no issues-in and out-no big deal. Store-2-walmart-sometimes I wonder why I even go!!!! I wanted to look @ slipcovers, but we @ the Walmart in Spartanburg and I could find NOTHING. attempt 1-So I saw a lady working in the household dept-
me: "Mam, we can't seem to find the slipcovers, can you help us"
walmart employee: "Nope, don't know where they are" as she turns and walks away
me (to her back): "Well, thanks so much for your help"

attempt 2-I find a younger lady, same dept-
me: Can you tell me where I could find the slipcovers?
walmart employee: They are right by the clocks
me: the clocks???
walmart employee: Yes, mam-right beside the alarm clocks.
me: Ok-thanks????
In my head I was saying"If I had known where the clocks were-I would have seen the slipcovers and we would not be having this conversation!!" But I kept my mouth closed and moved on.
I never found more than 1 or 2 and it wasn't what I was looking for and at that point I was so done with the entire thing it wouldn't have mattered anyway!!! I wanted a bright futon cover for my futon at school and a slipcover for the loveseat, think I'll try Big Lots-saw a few neat ones there a while back-and I know right where to look, all by myself :)


Autumn said...

That is obnoxious! I always want to find the manager and report such stellar customer service! :)

Mommy Jamie said...

Welcome to Walmart!
Check ebay too. I got some great deals on two a few years back. Target also had some recently.

momstheword said...

I have been at stores and waited in line while the clerk had a personal phone call on phone! One was even fighting with her boyfriend and then hung up, asking me if I thought she was right and he was wrong, lol!

I've also stood at the cash register, waiting to give my order because the clerks are to busy talking and laughing to take my order.