Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a Swap Meet!

Ever since The Nester blogged about her really cool swap meet with friends and fellow bloggers I have been longing to join the ranks! September, October, and November, were a blurr of wedding fun for my family and I, as my best friend from college and then my sweet cousin who is like a sister both got married! (I find my self wanting to go on and on about both these events, since I never blogged about them, but I digress)

SO-----Now the holidays are over, and it is time to un-decorate, and begin to make your home sing once again!
As you do that, what better time to weed out what you are sick of looking at!

The current plan is to hold a swap meet the middle-end of January. I was originally thinking of holding it in my home, but the location could change to our church, if we have a good response!

What's Old is New Again
A Swap and Shop Meet
Bring things you are tired of looking at in your home and find something new and exciting from someone else!

What you need to do to participate:

1. Email me @ or leave a comment on this post to "register".
I need to keep track of who is coming! I need your email address too :)

2. Choose 5 things from your home that you are "over".
Example-a lamp you can't use anymore, a bolt of fabric from a redo, curtains, nick-nacks,
small-medium furniture items, picture frames, mirrors, bases, pillows, plates, I
could go on and on!!!

3. Choose a yummy finger food to bring and share.

4. Feel free to invite friends, but they will need to email/comment so that I can have them on the list!!! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!!

What you need to know:

1. I will give between 1-2 weeks for people to register before choosing a date/location.
2. Invitations will be emailed with an RSVP to get a final count
3. You will leave the swapmeet with the number of things you bring-only different and better things that are new to you!
4. Further instructions and details will be emailed once plans are finalized!


Anonymous said...

Keep me posted, Dawnie!

Hope you had a very, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a good idea! I would like to try this with my friends at church - I think they would love it!