Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 30 back in May-and survived-lol!!

If you've been reading-(when I've posted, which I know has not been often lately) you know that I've been on a weight-loss journey. My mantra has been Thin and Thirty. I haven't made my goal weight yet-but I've lost about 45 lbs, so birthday time seemed like the perfect time for a reward!
So---- I drug Lana along kicking and screaming (sense the sarcasm) to a day at the spa in our of our weight loss and my birthday!
Lana was the perfect accomplice making sure I had the appropriate new clothes to wear--she insisted that I needed not just 1 new outfit for the "big reveal" but also something to wear to church Sunday and then of course School on Monday!
We had a great time shopping and it was amazing what I was able to find now that I have lost some weight!
If you know me "In Real Life" then you know that ALL my life I've had long hair to some degree. I liked it, but was tired of the lack of style-it just laid there. So when we decided on a spa day, I decided on a drastict new-do! I researched choices, printed pictures, even played with styles online that you could crop onto a picture of yourself.
Even with all the anticipation-I was a wreck when the stylist pulled my hair back and CHOPPED my ponytail off-it was sooo short. The hair was enough to be donated, which was awesome, and after some work my hair turned out amazing!

Before leaving for our spa adventure

Pretty nails

Saying goodbye to blah!

Drumroll Please....


After :)

My hubby and our friends from church surpised me-I was convinced we were going out to eat-but this was so much better! The funniest part was my mom trying to mentally prepare herself for what my hair was going to look like. It seems the conversation centered around how they would all react if it was awful-knowing that I know them all well it was going to be a struggle. So it was funny to look and see the "relief" on their faces that there didn't seem to be anything too crazy going on on top of my head!


Our Family said...

So glad you have returned to the bloggy world. However, is there not a better pic of us that you could have posted. I look like a clown in the red makeup!!! haha

Dawn said...

lol---the way she did your eyes, you almost look oriental!