Monday, April 4, 2011

Welcome to the World!

Ever have those days that you know you'll remember all the parts of-not just what happened-but the smells, the sights, the emotions??

Today was one of those days.

After years of prayers Lana welcomed baby Lydia to their family today-

she is a beautiful blessing.

Mackaylan became a big sister-

I think everyone involved could say that their

"heart(s) grew three sizes that day".

Lana was tired-but glowing

her eyes were weak-but full of the spark that new life and love create

Mickey was exhausted-nervous and proud-

and Mackaylan of course-all grins when she left

even cousin Eli, couldn't get enough snuggling with the perfect birthday girl

and Lydia-

with her sweet chunky legs, perfectly round head, rosy cheeks, and precious feet-

was the picture of love-of answered prayers, and God's most precious gift of life.

And so-

I came home...

with a full heart,

a renewed sense of God's love, His creation & His timing,

and a reminder of how special each of God's precious gifts are...

Happy Birth-day Lydia!

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Our Family said...


That was such a precious post! What a writer you are. Love ya girl! Lana :)