Monday, April 28, 2008

My firefighters!

This is Isaac doing a search in our Den! He had answered a "fire call" and was searching for the fire. He was using his ax and his flashlight to help him. What a hoot!

Isaac showing off his new flash hood and mask! We looked high and low for these! We finally found the mask at Toys R Us and the flash hood was given to Isaac by Mr. Jimmy :) Thanks a million Mr. Jimmy!!

Isaac showing off his ax and extinguisher. He uses these on all of his "fire calls"!

My FireFighters!!
What a Daddy's boy I have!! It reminds me of that song where the little boy has been watching his Daddy to see what to do. Isaac wants to do EVERYTHING his Daddy does. This weekend he even had to go Potty at the same time. It makes me want a girl, so I can have a little shadow, although he does have lots of Mommy moments too, so I can't complain too much!
Ever since Russell has started at the fire department, Isaac's obsession has grown. Now, he has the complete gear, minus an air tank, which his Daddy is working on trying to create.
We are very excited that Daddy will graduate from the Fire Academy May 3 at 7:00!!!
Yeah Daddy!

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