Friday, May 2, 2008

Dining Room Makeover

Give me Color!
I have been wanting to re-do our dining room area since we bought our house 5 years ago. It had mauve carpet, maple paneling, and a huge built in entertainment center that took up half the room! We had used the room as a den, but when Isaac came it was too small, and it made more since to use it as a Dining Room, since it connects to the Kitchen!
Anyway, do you know why we finally started this project?
Our dishwasher died and leaked all over the kitchen floor, ruining it! So not only did I have to have a new dishwasher, but I also had to have a new floor. AND we couldn't get floor just for the kitchen b/c the kitchen and DR connect. Soooooooo-thus began a 2 Month process! I haven't loaded pictures of the finished product, but I will try do that tomorrow.
Check out my boys at work!

This was the floor under the mauve carpet-I actually like it more than the carpet!! To bad we didn't know it was there.

The laminate stuck to the floor, so it took 1 whole day to scrape it up!

Isaac being very handy with a scraper!

Parkay wood tiles replaced the old linoleum!

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