Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Bedtime Woes

Last night was another rough going to bed night at our house. I'm trying to wean Isaac from having to have someone lay down with him-it's not working. He hates going to bed, doesn't like his room, and just needs his mommy and daddy. We have being trying to be consistent about putting him in his bed, which he despises, so last night I even offered our bed as a solution-it finally worked after an hour and a half, a spanking, and puke.

I can't do this anymore!!

He works himself into such a dither that he starts coughing his awful asthma cough and then pukes up mucus. This week had been much better, until last night. . .

Isaac seems to have a deep fear that we are going to leave him---and I don't know what to do to fix it. When I was sooo sick Russell and I left before he woke up to go to the hospital and then I was gone for 2 weeks. He was shuttled back and forth between grandparents. Now, everytime he goes to sleep he thinks we are going to leave.

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Autumn said...

Poor thing! It's so hard with children because you can't always reason with them. I keep hoping it's going to get better soon. I hope your bedtimes get easier soon too!