Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Times!

Easter 2008
Okay, so these pics are very late, but better late then never, right???
Since I was little, every year our church creates a flower cross. Isaac was very excited this year to be able to pick flowers and take them to be used for the cross.
Please note the color coordinated outfits. No, I am not that anal retentive, my 3 year old SON is!!! He insisted that since his shirt and tie were green, that not only did Daddy's have to be green, but that I also had to wear green too. At the last minute I tried to switch and I was told very quickly that we were wearing green for Easter and that I had put on the wrong thing!!
Does anyone know how to rotate the picture???? Do you have to do it before you load it to blogger? I can't ever get them to turn, very aggravating.

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