Friday, May 2, 2008

A Little Man

Dressed for Success

I have a little man with very specific taste! It's amusing, because everyone assumes that since I'm the Mommy that I have chosen Isaac's clothes and dressed him sooo cute.


It turns out that my 3 year old has very specific ideas about what he should and shouldn't wear. He has deemed some of his clothes as "Tacky" , other clothes have categories, such as football clothes, soft pants, Uncle Brandon Shirts, and chokey shirts.

Isaac's idea of church clothes is what you see above. Sometimes he will go without his jacket, but he refuses to wear just a simple polo shirt and khaki pants. Those aren't church clothes according to him. Also, they are only church shoes if they are dressy and shiny, brown casual shoes like you might wear with khaki pants don't count.

I do want to say one thing. I think it's very important for Isaac to make choices and this is one area where I can give him freedom, so I do. He can't decide what time to go to bed or to have candy for supper, but he can choose what to wear without their being a major disaster.

And that I think is important.

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