Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer is Almost gone :(

Even as I write this I can't believe that the sun is setting on our lazy summer days. God has been so good to us this summer! Blessing us with a healthy Isaac and happy times together. I look forward to a new year and all that it holds, I just can't believe the summer is over!!

Several people have wanted pictures of my classroom. I've been working for several days, trying to get finished before crunch time. But, my camera isn't cooperating currently. I'm going to go buy new batteries today and see if that does the trick, even though the current batteries aren't old. WHO KNOWS!!! So as soon as I figure this out I promise I will send pics. I actually have made a good deal of progress. I have most of the bulletin boards finished minus the word wall. This may not seem like a big deal, but keep in mind my jumbo room and my need to have all the dull walls covered, which leads to lots of paper, border, and glue guns and staples :) The end result is grand and my kids always love it!!

My favorite new thing I found is trees!! I have always wanted trees on my columns, have tried several different things, but never found what I wanted. Then at BIGLOTS the other day I found these rolls of tree wall paper. It's just the trunk and is an awesome rainforest tree complete with frogs and other critters!!!! It is super cool and goes well with the tropical fishy theme!! My major to do right now is to do a little shopping. I tossed a bunch of pillows and other froofy things that had just gotten gross after 2-3 years. So I will need to look for some cool pillows and things to replace what I trashed. I tried our local Dollar General lastnight with no look. We have the worst DG ever, but you can go 5 miles in about 4 different directions and find another one, so that is probably what I will do today. I call it the DG hop, b/c if it's something I'm really looking for, I hit them all!!

In other news 150 wedding invitations are finished!! I am so glad to get this finished. Now I have to make 150 favors and 150 programs :) I will once again try to get pictures soon!!

Sorry that this was so wordy, pictures soon!

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Anonymous said...

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Homeschooling mom of 6

Ha ha ha!! The dollar general hop. I hear ya let me tell you. We do the same exact thing. I like the dollar stores in some areas they are awesome but we have an icky one too. Hardly any of the goodies most of them have.

We made some palm trees for my daughters 16th party that are so awesome. I was thinking of making them for my sons room or more of them. I used poster roll. They are big cardboard tubes. We painted them brown and added big foam paper leaves. I like that they are 3-D to add a touch to his themed room.

See you on the blogs