Sunday, August 3, 2008


Since starting this blog I've really struggled with content. Not that I didn't have anything to put, but that I couldn't decide which way I wanted it to go. My blog began as a way for others to keep up with my family, see pictures, and stay in touch. Then of course I wanted to be able to share school things and so I began a TEACHER blog which was a great way to share. Now, I really feel the need to just be able to write. To write whatever is on my heart and have the opporunity to share it. It's impossible to keep up with multiple blogs for me, because of the other things going on, so I've decide to change ours a bit to meet these needs. You will see some changes in the next few blogs and I hope they will be for the better!

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Barbara (Xerraire) said...

I started my blog with a struggle as well; to know how to direct the content.

I decided on 3 things:

1. Personal - to have a channel for friends and family to have the latest news and images that explain what is going on in our lives.

Included in this is my recipes, homeschooling, discussing abuse in the home, as we have just left a horrible situation, photography, one of my passions, relationships, something learned from a church sermon, work and related to clients, projects, and so on.

2. News - Often this means topics related to current news. Many times, the mainstream media reports only HALF of the story, or basically, lies. I decided my blog would be a place where the rest of the story was offered, as best as I could research it.

3. General - this could be a whacky funny story, a new game learned, computer and graphics programs reviewed, geek stuff....

I suppose I could add more categories plus these three, but it seems to be working for me.