Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We all know that there are plenty of movies that are negative, ugly, or just plain crude. Some we watch anyway and overlook the bad parts, but then there are some that should just not be watched simply on principle. As a teacher of students with special needs I get so tired of the negative portrayals and connotations in Hollywood. Then I wake up this morning to find this about the new movies TROPIC THUNDER. You'll have to read this mom's take on it, but in short the first line of the movie is: Once upon a time there was a retard. In the world the movie makers and actors lived in, this seemed acceptable???? What a frightening and saddening day. People with disabilities don't choose their life or their lack of ability, but in my life my students and some of the other people I have encountered are the bravest people ever. And yet this ancient derogatory and offensive term is the big opening line for this new movie. What gives?

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Autumn said...

I know, Jodi sent me an article on it the other day and it just made me sick. This world is cruel enough without Hollywood saying it's ok to treat people who are different any way we please! I hope it is a HUGE flop!