Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As I flipped through pictures of my class and our recent gardening adventures I was unfortunate enough to come upon this. And all I could think of was---REALLY????? This is not what I see when I have on the appropriate undergarments, the figure flattering cuts of clothing and hold everything in just right-but this is what is really there-and that is SC-ARY!! I am so super frustrated with myself, with my lack of self-control and my overall attitude! Yick-that's all I can think. Not only have I not lost baby weight from 4 1/2 years ago-but now I've added to it and not added another baby. Yes, I've been busy-Yes, I've had numerous health issues-but holy canoli- at some point this has to be taken care of or my health is going to be even worse. Don't get me wrong-I've known for a while that I needed to get back on the band wagon! It seems something always shoves me off when I am doing well-ie-mass on liver-2 surgeries, etc. etc. I can't even believe I am putting this picture up-but maybe if I plaster it here for the world to see I'll be a little more motivated to make sure that there's less of me to see :)


Our Family said...

Dawn, I love you!!!! We need to do this thing together!!! Encourage and be good support for each other. Thanks for being YOU!

Howard Happenings said...

I am right there with ya sista!!! Give me a call if you want to walk at the track. I try to go as many times a week as I can.


Elaine said...

Hey we have fought this for how many years now? You are who you are no matter how you think you look and we think you are prety special. Love Ya OH! I know the feeling well.