Thursday, April 23, 2009


Some days I think I need to carry a pocket recorder around to catch all the hilarious things my child says-he keeps us hopping. You just have to hear this or at least read it and pretend I'm telling it:

Isaac has been asking lots of questions about Heaven and Jesus and all sorts of things, but has made it very clear he does not want to go to Heaven right now, pretty funny to hear him tell it! But, the other day he was in the car on the way with Nana and this is what transpired-

Isaac-Nana, you know how my mama reads that Jesus book every night before she goes to bed

Nana-Yes, you mean the Bible??

Isaac-Yeah Nana, Mama reads her Bible before she goes to be everynight so she has Jesus in her heart, but I haven't read that whole Bible yet, so I don't have Jesus in my heart

Nana-? ? ? ? ?

Isaac-BUT, I have a really cool shark book, and I've read all of it-so I have sharks in my heart.

Sharks in his heart my friends, sharks in his heart! Needless to say we've tried to clear up confusion about reading the entire Bible being the key to heaven! But I still can't help but smile at how wise my sweet boy is in his own way.

What sharks do we have in our hearts? What things are we putting before our time with God? Even as I type this I am convicted of putting so many other things first.


Jodi said...

what a sweet boy! just love how they think!

Norse, Jesica, and Boden said...

What a great word of encouragement. Thanks for sharing this. I was blog hopping and found yours, glad I did :)