Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1 day down and 50 pounds to go

I took a picture of my scale tonight. For the challenge Lana and I are doing you are suppose to post the picture on your blog, but as much as I love all my readers and lurkers, I'm just not there yet. So will email it off and enter myself in this challenge and hope for the best. I'm not in it for the prizes, although those would be fun-I just want to feel better. We walked today on the path at the park. If you live near Landrum and haven't tried it, we love it!!! I want to start adding in some of the fitness equipment and some other things, but for today by the time we finished my lower back and hip were killing me. I am soooo out of shape. But I refuse to let this be another sit around and add to the pounds summer so we kicked it off with a bang. Tomorrow is our last day with students. Today after the 5th grade celebration I only had 3, so who knows if I will have any for our 1/2 day tomorrow.

Tomorrow's goal-drink my water :)


My rewards to myself:
10 pounds-pedicure
20 pounds-massage
30 pounds-new outfit
40 pounds-girls night
50 pounds-weekend away


Christine said...

I love the rewards list! Good luck with your weight loss journey!

Daughter of the King said...

Oh, I feel the same way. . .I will not waste another summer. I will feel better and healthier as each day passes.

Best wishes to you!


Autumn said...

I need to drink more water too...and by more I mean any! I always joke that the only water I get is the water my coffee was made with. NOT GOOD! I'm going to go buy a bottle right now. Thanks for your inspiration, and I love your rewards. Might have to do that for myself :)

Can't wait to see your progress and be able to cheer you along!