Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cake Disaster

Soooooooooooo you won't believe the cake disaster I have on my hands. I have been working for over 2 hours, making my Dad's 50th Bday cake. I did homemade white cake and a yummy carmel icing.

Well, I did something wrong.

I am usually not all thumbs when it comes to baking! I can follow a recipe, I can cook almost anything-so I'm hoping it was just the recipe. But with the day I'm having, it was probably the cook! I guess it's off to Bilo :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the cakes that don't turn out the prettiest end up tasting the best!! Hope you found the perfect cake for your dad!!:)

Barbara (Xerraire) said...

I think it looks yummy anyway!
mmmmmmmm Caramel, always a winner!