Thursday, June 12, 2008

Craftiness! and a Give Away!

Mom and I have been working on various craft projects the last few days! We have been preparing for a Craft and Produce Farmers Market in Tryon, NC. Mom has made some beautiful baskets and a ton of granola and I have been using vintage kitchen utensils to create windchimes and other cool things!Last week, we were at the beach and didn't get to go, so Mom went alone. This week I was excited about going, I had worked hard to get stuff ready and then NOTHING sold. People looked, and thought everything was cute, but there weren't alot of people and Mom and I neither one sold anything. Oh well!

I am trying to pull everything together to list things on ETSY so check back sooon. In the meantime---

I've decided to do a give away!

Do you have a favorite summer tradition? Share it with us and I will get my dear hubby to draw a winner!

The winner will recieve a handcrafted windchime!! Winner will be drawn on June 17!


Autumn said...

My favorite thing about summer would be family gatherings with the grill going and everyone in the pool!

Rosaruth said...

my most favorite thing about summer ever.
let's see.

i love eating watermelon in the summer. it's always something to look forward too. putting my face in a big slice of watermelon makes me feel just like i'm 5 again ;) hehe dawn remembers ;)

Faith said...

Hi Dawn! Thanks for visting my blog and for your sweet commment! I see that you live in husband and I LOVE to go to Landrum and stay at the Red Horse Inn! I love to shop downtown as well. How neat!
Sorry to hear about the craft show...I'm sure your stuff is great though!
Let's of my favorite things about summer is our big July 4th cookout and walking with the family down to watch fireworks. That was one of my first dates with my husband 10 years ago this July 4th!