Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dining Room

I realized the other day that I had never shared photos of our room redo. I took a few just now as I was sharing the cake disaster and thought I would put them on. I realize they are awful, I'll have to try again in better light. See before pictures here: Dining Room Makeover and The Massive Entertainment Center
The other fun thing I did was to create a chalk board on my pantry doors!!! This was super exciting. NOTE: see the grocery list, my dear hubby actually wrote down things that we were out of!! It's perfect to keep tabs on what we need and Isaac loves to doodle on it as well. I did both doors using Chalkboard paint I bought at Lowes. You can also buy whiteboard paint, but I love the contrast of the chalkboard paint!!

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks GREAT! Lee Anna has an entire chalkboard wall in her "extra space" and she loves it!!:)