Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The deep drawer abyss

I really hate drawers! They are so big and hard to manage that at our house they just end up full of crud, really full. Just take a gander. Can you believe how much stuff 3 drawers and one hole can hold??? Honestly it is unbelievable. So I set loose with the labler and some baskets and a trusty garbage bag and began to sort and pile. It's amazing what a difference baskets make. I'm currently addicted to baskets of all shapes and sizes. The best selection I've found was at Dollar Tree in Hendersonville. That's where I got the cool orange baskets for Isaac's closet, the neato green baskets I used in the linen closet and the really awesome see-through baskets I used with the computer desk.
I will have to add after pics later, can't seem to find them now :)


Timeless said...

haha your drawers are like mine, filled with useless stuff that just keeps on getting stacked up.

Our Family said...

I hear ya! Looks like you had a productive evening organizing even after a long afternoon of company and church! :) Love ya!