Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goal check up

So-we say we're gonna and we do for a little while and then we fall off the wagon. My goal this year is to stay on and in the wagon soooo here is a goal check up:

1. To have an organized home. -This is going well! I have decluttered and organized almost all of our spaces and we are doing a fairly good job keeping things together :) Except as I sit here I see the clutter from the computer desk-got to get back to this :)
2. To have a clean home. -Isaac is still struggling with his room and this hasn't been a good few weeks for me, but overall we are doing better with this as well. Need to be better at doing my daily chores!
3. To be healthier for my family and as a family. -well, I'm not cooking much-got to work on this!
4. To be better stewards of our money. -this is coming a step at a time
5.To deepen our walk with God. -We are working on having a quiet time together which is nice, but need to find something other than the Newleywed book we have had since we were newlywed and would also like to find something to use as a family with Isaac.

How about you? What goals did you set and how are you doing? Are there other things you want to do now that you have started?

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Jodi said...

glad to hear that you're hanging in there and that your goals are coming along...I'm doing better on some than others, but am definitely a work in progress! have a great week!