Saturday, March 14, 2009

Praying for Friends

My sweet friend Lana is enduring some horrendous back pain this week. She went for an MRI and they found 2 herniated disks. It is so tough to lay back and let go even when you are in pain! I am lifting her up as she struggles to find a comfy position in her bed and waits to here the doctor's plan :) You can go here to give her some encouraging words!

I have another sweet family that we are friends with that are enduring a layoff. This family has been through this several times now and I know they are growing weary! Pray for their strength and that God will continue to lead the way for them.

A sweet little boy in my class lost his grandmother this week. Praying for his family as they mourn this loss, but celebrate knowing she is with the LORD.

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Anonymous said...

Joining you in prayer tonight for these needs that are close to your heart.