Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Everything about Isaac's life is still so fresh in my mind-so fresh, that it is hard to believe 4 years have escaped us as quickly as they have. Isaac turned 4 on November 24!

Heather always does this for Carson and Ella and I love it, so I am going to copycat her idea:

Isaac at 4 (with a little help from Isaac):

-loves firetrucks
-still snuggles
-loves to pretend (batman, firefighter, knight,)
-likes snow globes
-enjoys playing Thomas the train
-still doesn't sleep in his own bed all night
-doesn't like his room or his bed
- loves books and being read to
-thinks he is too big for a nap
-can write his name, he has almost mastered the "S"
-loves to swing and play outside
-is sad that now all of our trees are naked
-is eager to give everyone their Christmas presents
-fought off a nasty sinus infection without shots!!!
-tells us he is aggravated :) (can't imagine where he heard that)
-enjoys singing ( we still have to listen to VBS music in the car)

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