Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brithday Party

Last year's birthday party fiasco (due to my sickness) was topped by this year's, due once again to our crazy happenings!! We had to wait until the last minute, not knowing when surgery or appointments would be. SO we went to Charleston on Thursday, came home Saturday, and partied on Sunday-whew!!! Let me tell you, it wore me out!!!!! We kept it simple, well for those that know me, as simple as I could keep it. We had sports themed centerpieces, plates, etc. Had a pizza, salad, breadstick lunch, and then hot chocolate and cake. It was a "swingset" birthday-because that is what Isaac wanted to do-play with his friends on his swing set. It was chilly, but perfect playing weather-and the hot chocolate helped fight the chill. He had a great time and enjoyed playing with all of his friends :)

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