Monday, July 27, 2009

Chances are . . . .

-The entire house may not get clean today.
-If you see Isaac he may or may not be fully dressed.
-Somewhere our cat is hiding in wait to begin being chased by Isaac again
-Some projects may never get finished.
-I may never be ready for summer to end
-I won't put on shoes today-don't tell The Fly Lady!!!
-My firefighter will come home for lunch-and expect food
-I will waste way too much time on the computer today
-if you here sighs, its because all I'm doing is shifting piles-it gets old
-my whole house may never be clean at once
-if Isaac gets quiet its because he is on a kitten search

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Lisa said...

I could have wrote this post! :) FYI... My husband is a Special Education teacher too.

- Lisa

Mommy Jamie said...

I'm with you on just about all of that!
Reagan didn't even get out of pjs yesterday. I didn't realize that until suppertime. When I sent her to get dressed she put on dress up clothes over her pjs!