Monday, July 13, 2009

Scratch That

I started the summer with a mental to-do list of all the things I wanted to do/accomplish during my time off. During my first years as a teacher before I was also a mommy, I remember those days being endless, stretching on forever. But these days it seems summer is an unending race to fit things in and I am so weary of that! I enjoy the opportunities to be with friends, travel, help @ church, lunch, be crafty, explore with Isaac, etc. but I have come to find this year that I just enjoy being. Being at home to just play and be together has been so much better than trying to fight going anywhere. Maybe it's the age, or maybe it's me, but Isaac can play for hours with me or without me-usually it's a mix of both. We pretend, we read, sometimes we cook, we craft, snuggle-and we're still making memories. And for me they will be better than ones that involve hot cars, temper tantrums, and long lines.
I'm not one that likes to just be @ home, I tend to like to go and do. But if we keep "going and doing" and never slow down, where have we really gotten?
For now I'm content to spend the next month enjoying my boys fishing, turtling, and playing escapades and to squeeze in a little snuggling, fun-loving together time in between :)


Mommy Jamie said...

It sounds to me that you are doing exactly what you need to do, and are exactly where you need to be. This time is precious, enjoy it!

Our Family said...

So true! I feel like many things on our "to-do" list have not been accomplished, but as you reminded me "summer is not over" and memories have definitely been made! :) Thanks for your insight. Just another reason why I love ya! :)