Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have lurked around on IKEA's website for years. I've never bought anything, just dreamed. A lot of the items they show in their online catalog are only available in the store and the closest IKEA had been in ATLANTA. I've been begging my DH to take me to Charlotte for some time now and he felt so inclined to do so yesterday for our Anniversary. I mean what better way to celebrate 7 years together then to have him trudge around behind me all day while I salivated over all the cool stuff???

I have to say, if you haven't gone-go. But go with a list of things you could use and a budget-otherwise it could be overwhelming and harmful to your bank account!!! IKEA is like the Disney company has taken over Peir 1, put it on steriods, and added their Disney touch to-it's a playland for grown ups who love to shop, decorate, and find good deals. We were greated at the door, given a map and instructions and got on our way. There are 3 sections-a showroom of sorts where room after room is setup using all the products. Everything is labeled and tagged. You keep track of what you want using the list, pencil, and measuring tape they provide you. After you finish upstairs you can stop in the restaurant and eat, visit the family room and feed the babies, go check on the little one's that you dropped off in the really cool playroom, or head down stairs! Downstairs you will go through household departments one by one. Here you can find things on your list and extras. I got a fun vase for 79 cents and a set of wooden spoons for 59 cents, while Russell got some new knifes. AFter you venture through kitchen, linens, bathroom, frames and pictures, candles, decorations, etc. you end up in the warehouse. Here you use your list of furniture pieces that is labeled with locations to pull your boxes. As you exit the warehouse you conveniently stop by the As IS section, and check out the good deals before using the self-check out and heading on your way! I got things for 59 Cents, cool things. You could truly decorate, furnish, redecorate, or remodel your entire house at this store-thus the overwhelming!! I didn't buy much, b/c I didn't want to buy too haphazardly and wanted to wait and have more of a plan. I bought several small things for myself and a few fun things for my classroom. The children's section was amazing!!!

So if you've never been, or maybe never even heard of IKEA, you must check out their website and plan a trip!!!


Mommy Jamie said...

Aw, Happy Anniversary to a great couple! Seriously, you and Russell are so good for each other. It was a pleasure to get to hang out with y'all some this summer.

Ikea is wonderful! I LOVES it. We have one in Round Rock, about 35 minutes south of where I live. Come visit me and I'll take you ;) I am already planning a trip there soon, got some great ideas I need to put to work!

Autumn said...

Girl I have never been...and I really want to go, but most of the furniture at our new place came from IKEA and I LOVE it! :)

SO glad you had a good trip...I might have to do that one weekend soon :)