Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come on in ya'll. . .

If you are like me, it seems that some room in the house always gets neglected. Often its more than one room-just depends on how life is going. At our house it tends to be the back of the house, because I have gotten to the point that I can run around and get the entire house clean and just dump everything somewhere and close the doors. So this week I worked on our guest room, which led me to work on the entire house-but I digress. I moved things around, added window treatments and tried a few different things in different spots. See what you think!! View from the door
Love these boxes-a steal at Burkes while back!

This is one of the few rooms we haven't replaced windows in-so ignore the yucky metal ones!! I repurposed this desk I've had since I was a teenager-thinking of painting it-and paired it with this chair. Got the vase @ an auction and moved it from someplace else.
Window mistreaments a la the nester-just got fabric and upholstery tacks!

I have a rocker/chair "thing"-I love them. This is the rocker Russell and his brother were rocked in-and that is one of my favorite quilts :)

I refinished this bed all by myself about 3 years ago-It was black/brown and gross! Mom picked it up at an auction for me for a great deal and look how it turned out!!!
@ the foot of the bed-thought this looked cute-but need to work on cute stuff to put on it!
Gotta love some antique linens. Most of what I have are either my family or Russells and I love that.
Improvising in a pinch-think I'm going to switch the fabric for a quilt-See the lamp-cobalt blue glass my fave!!! It is a handblown lamp from FENTON. It was a family run company in the US for about 100 years b/f they sold it and moved the factory to Japan a few years ago. I have a thing for colored glass to-old, fenton, new, etc. This is one of four Fenton lamps I have, need I remind you that most were gifts-my mom is a FENTON dealer :) How convenient!!
And guess what-this is the dresser that I refinished 4 years ago and never replaced the mirror-stay tuned-working on that project tomorrow!!! See that lamp-it's fenton as well, but very special b/c they made 500 of them and broke the mold-they are all handpainted, numbered, and signed-it was a college graduation gift from my Mom.
Doesn't that make you want to come curl up in the bed here? Come on, we love guests, and the house is clean-hurry quick-because it usually doesn't last long!!


Our Family said...

Looks great! :) Lana

Mommy Jamie said...

Dawn, it looks beautiful! Almost makes me want to drive back to SC so I could stay there! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!