Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Isaac and I enjoyed some special time together on July 4th! We had a fun day doing a lot of different things-one was tie-dying t-shirts!! Isaac had a blast helping me fold them and squirting the dye on in different patterns. He ended up making 3 different ones and then one for me and Russell. I was a little worried about the messiness of this activity, but it wasn't bad at all! We let the shirts soak overnight, washed them in one load in the washer the next day and wore them on vacation :)-Sorry no pictures of me in my shirt b/c I'm always taking them!!!

This picture is bad, but just wanted to show off the boys shirts! Isaac's in this pic is the bullseye fold and Russell's is the spiral

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Our Family said...

LOVE IT!!!! Ok...I have really got to get to posting to catch up to you....3 new posts in 3 days..WOW! :)