Saturday, July 4, 2009

The one that didn't get away!!!

6 lbs
21 inches long
Largemouth Bass
Caught by Isaac

My boys have really been enjoying some fishing this summer! At least several times a week they have been going together or with friends to local ponds. Right at the first of June Isaac started the summer by catching his first bass, a small one, but one that will be eaten very soon! He was thrilled! Several days later I got a panicked phone call from my DH and was thinking the worse, only to be fussed at for not checking my text messages!! The above fish pics were sent and I hadn't seen the message.
Let me just say that my Isaac takes after me, and gets excited about lots of stuff-but boy this took the prize. My DH has never caught anything this big!! Isaac caught the monster on a "critter crawl" bait on his new "Zebco" fishing pole. He makes his own casts and reeled the monster in himself.
And he hasn't stopped talking about it since! Mrs. Fishy is currently residing at the taxidermist in Lake Bowen. When she arrives home on driftwood-I promise to post more pictures, or maybe you could come visit our newest member of the family!


Christine said...

Congrats to Isaac. Good catch!

Our Family said...

Thanks for FINALLY updating your blog..hahah J/K Nice pics! I know everyone in the family was excited about that great catch!