Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Do you ever let your life slip into auto-pilot and just continue to go and go and go and........

I'm really good at going, and going, a lot like the energizer bunny, but I'm not very good at stopping. Past experience has taught me that it takes something big to stop me, but when it does, I am stopped dead in my tracks and forced to slow down, regroup, rest, re-evaluate, etc.
I told myself, "Self, I am going to take better care of you".
I have praised God for the way he has revealed himself to me lately and for the opportunity to grow closer to him. But boy, I am a work in progress!!

SO I started with a scratchy throat Friday night, Saturday night felt awful, Sunday ok, but by Tuesday I was MISERABLE. Turns out I had tonsillitis, sinusitis, and strep throatitis!! (i know it doesn't have itis on it, but doesn't it make it funnier!) I got a shot Wednesday afternoon, got antibiotics, the saline nose wash thing(watch for a post about this), and several other things to promote comfort. I came home, got in the shower, and as I was thinking over my little moment of self-pity on the way home where I was driving and blubbering tears, I could hear God saying-

"Attention Dawn, this is your pilot speaking, the pilot of your life, and I have shutdown your controls because you keep trying to do this thing called life by yourself and you can't!!"

It amazes me how easily we can try to take control, when we are in such better hands when GOD is our pilot.


Our Family said...

You are so right! How lucky we are that we don't have to be the pilot! For some reason this post just showed up on my computer tonight! Weird! :) Love Ya!

Autumn said...

Girl, I just got chills reading that! Doesn't it make you just shake your head at yourself sometimes? I know I's like HELLO AUTUMN, why are you trying to kill yourself when I've already got it taken care of. I guess that's part of what makes us human. SO glad He is in control though! :) Hope you feel better!