Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I have really tackled a lot in the last few days in the hope of being more organized this year. My latest accomplishment is pictureless-sorry the batteries died, but I promise after pictures tomorrow! I have cleaned and organized the computer desk-whew it was bad. But today, it was the blackhole cabinet in the kitchen. I have to tell you I found a few crazy things. I didn't even know we had a Tater Twister-it's brand new. My dh says we got it as a wedding present-I disagree-we moved once I really don't think I would have kept it-we don't fry at all. So if anyone wants a brand new Tater Twister-speak up or its off to the donation pile. I also found random slicer and dicer parts, an arcaic mixer, as well as my old broken mixer that my amazing mom replaced with my dream bright red shiny Kitchen Aid Mixer last year!!! And then there was the cruddy, gross, nasty toaster oven that my DH has had since he was a MARINE, I mean really!! So I promised him I would buy him a new one (won't that be a great Valentine's Day gift :)), and it too is in the donation pile. Way, way, way too many gadgets. 2 crockpots-I use and love-, the other is almost all expendable, except for the AWESOME bright shiny red mixer-Isaac and I couldn't make banana bread without it! So if my DH will take all the clutter to donate it tomorrow I will really be in business :)

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Anonymous said...

Findig stuff when you clean is fun. I always try to figure out how I came to own the item. LOL. I used to want to hang on to stuff- what if we need this, you know? But know I know that stuff is only stuff and if I have not used it in 3 months, out it goes. Good for you!