Thursday, January 1, 2009


I love to start out cleaning up and organizing after Christmas. However, this is year 2 that I am recovering from something. As a matter of fact if you look back to the past 6 years-there has only been 1 when haven't been nursing someone and 3 of the times it was me.

2008-Dawn recovering from liver resection and gallbladder surgery

2007-Dawn recovering from spinal meningitis

2006-(Normal) well, relatively :)

2005-Isaac recovering from RSV

2004-Dawn recovering from having Isaac
Isaac recovering from NICU stay for severe Jaundice

2003-Dawn's Dad Dirk, recovering from staph infection that had eaten away at the bone in his foot-yick!

It has been a long haul for sure!!

But today, exactly 2 weeks from the day they removed 1/2 my liver and 2 months from when we found out there was a mass and so many things were unsure, I stand in awe and amazement at the work the Lord has done! I am still a little sore, but just a little-and my incisions are all looking great. The best part is my belly button doesn't hurt like it did after the last surgery. I still don't have a ton of energy-but I feel REALLY great- and I know that GOD is providing :) But more than anything-I am looking so forward-now more than ever to what GOD has in store for us this year. I'm here and so appreciative for every second! There were so many times of uncertainty over the last 2 months and I was able to lean on the Lord and know that is why I am on this end of it, but I remember thinking early on "God, is this really all you want out of me?? This is all I'm suppose to do?" and thinking that I knew there was more and we had to cling to HIS promises-and we did and here we are! Praise the Lord :)

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Our Family said...

I am sure God has BIG plans for you and your family! We love you all so much and stand in awe with you for what He has done in your life! :)