Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

1.A Clean House-I have been trying to FLY this week, and it has really made a difference. I need to tweak a few things in my lists and schedules, but I love coming home to an orderly house.
2.Less Clutter-I LOVE that I can look around and things look fresh and different and that I can open up drawers without them spilling over.
3. New Bath products-I have never been a big lotion fan, but a friend and my dh got me various bath and body products this year and they have been a big treat. I've gotten into the routine of using all the different products, and I love leaving the house smelling nice, much better than drowning in perfume :)
4.Teaching my wonderful class-I LOVE my students. And it has been so wonderful to be back, feel good, and begin to dig in and really work hard to help them meet their goals ;)
5.New Clothes-I did a little shopping once I started feeling better and it has been awesome to have some fun, inspiring, lovely choices in my closet this week. I found some great deals at BELK in Hendersonville and then later in Spartanburg. Lana helped find some cute stuff and I even got a pair of jeans :) I also love having somebody to shop with besides Russell and Isaac


Susanne said...

Hi Dawn!

New clothes sounds wonderful. I so need to go do that too!

Bath stuff sounds wonderful. I enjoy when I get those sets as gifts.

I'm working at decluttering too! It really is freeing getting rid of all that stuff that just seems to accumulate through the year!

Thanks for joining in. Loved reading your list.

Anonymous said...

What a nice list! You're so right about a clutter-free space - feels so refreshing! And congrats on the lovely new clothes :-)

ellen b said...

Hi Dawn,
A clean house to come home to is really great!
It's refreshing to hear that you love your class...
Have a great weekend.

Willow said...

I'm back in school this week too! First graders say the funniest things!

Are you a Flybaby? I have been for a long time. It helps me so much, even when I am constantly having to 'start over'.

Our Family said...

Glad you joined the Friday Fave gals! I think it is true that when your house in order your life seems to be in order! Love ya!

PS I'll go shopping anyday with you!...except Sat. hahaha