Monday, January 19, 2009


I have never been good at using coupons-I cut them out and lose them. So in an effort to be more organized at this too-I bought an accordion organizer that fits in my purse and has slots for my coupons. I also bought a small notebook with 3 tabbed sections where I keep a running inventory/grocery list, keep track of what I want to get where, and my current to-d0's. Yesterday I took the paper mom passed on to us and sat down cutting out and sorting the coupons. Then I took the CVS and Ingles ad to figure out the best deals and what coupons I needed to use. I tried to combine sale things, good deals, etc. So heres what I did:

CVSing today-and it was super exciting. I had my bonus bucks, as well as just my ECB's from my last purchase-and I had perused the add carefully. I got 4 2-liters, 4 12-packs, 2 bags of tostitoes, 3 V-day cards, 8 cans of soup, 6 pack of hershey's bars and nose spray. I completed 2 transactions and ended up with about $3.75 in OOP expense-wooooooohooooo!!! Russell said he was glad that I had the patience to figure it out, because he would not fool with it, but it was fun to get a deal, I am always up for a deal :)

This evening I ran to Ingles to try some triple-couponing. They are tripling coupons all week :) I used about 6-to see if it ended up being worth it and it did. I had several coupons that ended up meaning I got $1.5o off of an item. I ended up saving $10.00 on the 6 things I used coupons for and that would have translated to only spending about $10-if I hadn't needed the required bread, milk, and peanutbutter-which unfortunately totaled $10.00
I will probably end up going back and trying a few more before the week is out :)

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