Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day- What????

It seems that our town is the town Snow forgot!!! I think maybe that would be the perfect children's book, I'll have to add it to my ever growing list of ideas. But, all kidding aside, it seems that the other end of our county is covered and here we are at home with clear ground. Isaac is watching anxiously, encouraging the few sad flakes that are floating to the ground and hoping for enough to at least go out and try to catch some.
Normally, I would be tickled for a snow day, but this was going to be our second 4 day week in a row, and our next break would be a teacher work day in Feb. Now, we will have to work that day and therfore, won't have another day off until at least March-yick. But, because of our trip to Charleston and crazy schedule I am a little behind with a few of my chores, so while Isaac enjoys some PBS specials, I am going to catch up on some chores, so that maybe later I can light a few candles and catch up on some reading :) And who knows, maybe today will be the day that I upload some pictures for your veiwing pleasure-stay tuned-you never know what a full day home might bring :)

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