Monday, January 5, 2009

Did you resolve to do it?

It's been really funny to listen to people talk about whether or not they made resolutions this year. It seems that the resounding answer is "Why do it, if I'm just going to break it?" It also seems that many people had the same idea I did, to set goals for themselves instead of blanket resolutions. Goals are reachable-concievable-and reasonable, whereas resolutions are usually none of these!! I'm really looking forward to being able to look back at this year as one where I began to be more deliberate and intentional in my actions in every way and where God was in every part of it.

Goals for 2009 in no certain order:

1. To have an organized home.

-Begin to clear unwanted, unuseful, not needed items from our home.
-Make spaces for storage that are functional, easy to find, and that work.

2. To have a clean home.

-Develop routines and structures to help me stay on track daily, weekly, and monthly.
-Become better at staying picked up.
-Work with Isaac to help him learn where to keep his belongings

3. To be healthier for my family and as a family.

-Use healthier recipes and cooking styles.
-Incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies and less processed foods.
-Spend more time outside together playing and exercising.

4. To be better stewards of our money.

-Spend less on unnecessary items.
-Budget our income-so that we see where each dollar goes
-Continue to pay off medical bills
-Tithe first instead of last

5.To deepen our walk with God.

-Study and pray as a couple and as a family with Isaac
-Continue to be involved as Church members, looking for opportunities to serve.
-Be more deliberate about carving out time alone with God.

What about you? Did you resolve to do something? Did you set goals for yourself? As I thought through things it was easy for me to lay out what I could do to meet the goal and made it much more realistic-What did you do to make your goals realistic?

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